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D&D Nerds UNITE!

Ok, so if you follow me, you know I’m a D&D nerd.  The summer series of Acquisitions, Inc. is now in full swing on YouTube.  If you haven’t ever watched Patrick Rothfuss (Viari), Mike Krahulik (Jim Darkmagick), Jerry Holkins (Omin Dran), and Scott Kurtz (Binwin Bronzebottom) use verbal acrobatics to throw the DM Christopher Perkins off his game, then I highly recommend it.  Curse of Strahd is in full swing as well with DM Chris Perkins, as well as the characters played by Anna Prosser Robinson (Evelyn), Holly Conrad (Strix), Nathan Smith (Paultin), and Jared Knabenbauer (Diath).  The new one, which will tie into the Acquisitions, Inc. summer series and both will climax at PAX West this fall, is from the new Storm King’s Thunder.  I haven’t gotten a chance to watch it yet, but I am excited to do so.  All of these can be found on YouTube.

*Nerd Alert*

Ok, I am a nerd.  I admit that I like to play D&D, and I secretly like Star Trek.  I haven’t played in a long time, but I have a group that is getting ready to start up a game, I am introducing actually playing D&D to my sister, who has learned about it via YouTube.

I am currently obsessed with a live stream on Tuesday nights run by the amazeballs DM Chris Perkins.  It’s on Twitch.  Right now he is running a 5th edition game of Curse of Strahd on Twitch.  While this game has its light moments, it is actually pretty dark.  Holly Conrad plays a neurotic Teifling Sorcerer named Strix.  Evlyn is a Human Paladin and servant of Lathander (also known as the Morninglord) and is played by Anna Prosser Robinson.  Evlyn happens to be the overly upbeat and oblivious whacking stick of the party.  Jared Knabenbauer plays a Human Rogue named Diath (he isn’t so much a thief as he is a treasure hunter).  Diath really is the voice of reason.  Last, but not least, is Paultin the Human Bard who is played by Nathan Sharp.  Obviously the bard is the partier of the group.  He is proficient in castanets, lute, and bagpipe.  They accidentally named themselves the Waffle Crew on the first episode.  So if you are on twitter and wonder why #wafflecrew is trending—that is why.

Ok, I have nerded out way more than I should.  However, if you are curious about these games, or are interested, do a YouTube search.  You will be amazed what you find.  It is fun, and better than regular television, unless you know, you like to watch 90 minutes of political ads and 5 minutes of television programs.