The Student’s Guide to Illness Bargaining

So, my dear husband was so kind to bring me a gift of some sort of snot-dripping, fever-running, achy-swelly plague.  I tried to bargain with my body to not get sick until next weekend, or even hold off another week until spring break.  Unfortunately, that isn’t what happened.  So, antibiotics and codeine it is.

I know everyone bargains with their immune system not to get sick.  I am not unique.  However, I find that the bargaining of a college student is particularly amusing.  We are willing to risk total immune system failure in order to not  be sick and miss classes because exams are coming up.  When the bargaining stage fails, and illness sets in, denial starts happening.  Eventually, the body tells you to slow your role and you have been halted in your tracks.

Laying in bed with a tissue shoved up your nose in order to hold back the floods of mucus trying to make an escape, one starts to tick off how many participation points are being lost as classes are being missed, hoping someone will send you notes or let you know what is happening in classes.  Knowing I have two exams coming up next week, and homework that is due this weekend, I’m trying not to feel guilty about being sick.  However, this isn’t the greatest time for it.  I am not the only one.  I know this.  It isn’t just me.  Unfortunately, it IS me.  I was doing so well at not getting sick.  I didn’t get sick all last semester, and didn’t come down with anything over winter break.  Now, here we are, two weeks before spring break, and I am suffering from some god awful plague.  I am jealous that my husband managed to get over his man-baby flu in a couple of days.  I can only hope that this passes quickly, and I can get my homework done.

I will keep you updated on whether or not Physics, Calculus, and Codeine mix.  For now, I am going to slip into oblivion in the most non-graceful way possible, and hope I feel better in the morning.

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