‘Tis the Season…

Fall is in the air, apples are in season.  Everything pumpkin is out on shelves and in coffee shops.  This means that it is time to look to the Spring semester of school and start creating the schedule.  With this in mind, I had a meeting with my Math advisor yesterday.  I understand that I need top grades, but I’m not lower than a B+ in my Calculus class.  I’m in the process of trying to bring the grade up.  However, he made it seem that if I don’t have an A in that class, I’m not good enough.  I get the fact that Calculus I is a foundation course.  However, I’m not slacking off.  I’m getting As on all of my quizzes and homework.  I’m just a few points a way from an A-, so I feel he’s jumping to the conclusion that I’m not really up for the work.  He’s trying to steer my to a single major and I’m not wanting to be a single major.  I want to double major.  He also seemed shocked that all of my general education credits are done now.  I’m only working on my language credits.  Anyway, he set me up with some choices, take another computer programming class or take linear algebra.  I’d like to take the algebra course, but it runs at the same time my Calculus class.  I can’t change my Calculus class because my physics classes will run when the other Calculus class will be running.  I wouldn’t have this problem at a larger university, but since I am trying not to go into massive debt, the satellite school is how I plan to get my degrees.  So, computer programming 201 it is.  I don’t hate programming, I just wish it was more doing, and less why.

So, in light of my meeting with my advisor, I am going to have to buckle down even more so than I am now, in order to achieve my desired grades by the end of the semester.  I need to do well on two exams I have next week.  The bright side is that fall break occurs after my last class on Thursday and I don’t go back until the following Wednesday.  So, I will try to get something cool up here.  I feel like I’ve been neglecting everyone.  So keep your eyes peeled next Friday!


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