Something is not right…

In the interest of not drawing negativity to my blog, I decided that I’d not ever post anything political or controversial.  However, recent events have moved me to speak.  I will catch a lot of flak for what I am about to say.  I am tired of the senseless violence in this country.  I am tired of a few bad apples making bad names for everyone else.  A man in Minnesota just got shot in front of his girlfriend and a child because he had a concealed weapon and a permit to carry it.  This only happened because he was a man of color and he had a busted tail light met with an officer who wasn’t trained properly.  In the age of social media and 24-hour media coverage on everything something like this can affect all of us.  The media outlets are grabbing onto the fact that Philando Castile had been carrying a gun and that he was a man of color.  He was licensed legally.  He told the officers.  He got shot anyway.  After these kinds of shootings, violence erupts, and people on both sides of the issue rush to blame the other.

The systemic oppression is obvious to anyone who cares to open their eyes to the situation.  This isn’t me being a bleeding heart liberal.  This is me saying that the system needs fixed.  White privilege is a thing.  It is real.  Don’t lie to yourselves and say it isn’t.  Our country was founded by white men.  Our society is an “I” society.  We think that if we work hard enough and put our minds to it, we can achieve anything.  There was a reason why in the ‘90s that the words “it takes a village” caused so much controversy.  It isn’t just an individual thing.  It is a societal thing.  Our society needs to learn to work together to achieve common good for all—not just a few.  The people in power wish to stay in power, and they will do anything to achieve that.  I am not being tin-foil hat paranoid.  I am being honest.  The government preys on our fears to their advantage.  A mass of people is easier to control than an individual.

We need to stand up and say enough is enough.  All of us: White, Black, Asian, Indian, Native American, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jew.  It doesn’t matter what color your skin is.  It doesn’t matter what your religion is.  We as a collective need to remember that people are people.  Fear is the enemy.  Reach out to your neighbor; donate your time in a mentor program.  The teachings in ALL of the religions is overall peace.  To pick and choose from any religion to condemn someone else is tantamount to heresy in my book.  Do not be afraid because someone of color happens to be walking by when you are in your car.  Don’t be afraid because some white cop pulls you over.  A few bad apples make a bad name for everyone—remember that.  Treat each other with kindness and respect.  Do not judge someone because they are different from yourself.  Remember that everyone has a fundamental need to feel safe.  In other words, don’t be an asshole.

If you pray, pray for the families who experience violence on a daily basis.  Pray for the family of Philando Castile.  Above all, pray for peace.


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