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*Nerd Alert*

I was reintroduced to D&D via podcasts and the PAX East and PAX Prime games of Acquisitions, Inc.  The DM (dungeon master for the people who aren’t familiar with some of the lingo) is Chris Perkins (a game designer for D&D and Wizards of the Coast), and the characters are from Penny Arcade:  Jerry Holkins (a.k.a. Tycho Brahe) and Mike Krahulik (a.k.a. Gabe). Also Scott Kurtz who is the creator of PVP Online.   They are amazing artists and writers of funny comics.  At the moment, their fourth player is Patrick Rothfuss, the author of the Kingkiller Chronicle.  Jerry Holkins plays the CEO Ominifis Hereward “Omin” Dran he’s a cleric of Tymora.   Binwin Bronzebottom (a dwarf fighter/berserker) is played by Scott Kurtz.  James Darkmagic III is a wizard and is played by Mike Krahulik.  Jim Darkmagic is one of my favorite characters because he is a bit ridiculous.  Patrick Rothfuss is playing a rogue class character with bard-y bits and is an audacious pickpocket who has an unnatural affinity for chandeliers that goes by the name of Viari—he has gotten promoted to senior sub-employee from intern.  Also, last episode at PAX East in April, Chris Perkins played a dark elf named Drizzt Do’Urden (a character created by R.A. Salvatore)—a general badass with two scimitars (one of fire and one of ice), a figurine of wondrous powers (an onyx panther that goes by the name of Guenhwyvar).  It seems whenever Drizzt comes into contact with Acquisitions, Inc. he loses at least one magic item.   When these guys get together, serious hilarity happens.  I sometimes think that the Acquisitions, Inc. is hell bent on trying to make the DM dissolve into fits of uncontrollable giggles.

Scheduling at a Glance

So, I am a person who uses an electronic calendar like Google Calendar as well as a paper one.  I have tried out several different planners—and none quite fit what I needed.  This is why I have managed to take the time to combine elements from many different planners and smash them into a single planner. Cat calendar preview

I created a horizontal planner all of last year as well as through the fall, only to find that it
didn’t quite give me the strict organization space that I was looking for.  I spent a semester without a Spiraldex/Chronodex/Doubledex in the horizontal form.  It was basically a block of lines with a date.  All well and good when you have no need for specific organization.  It basically turns into words on a page.  It bored me.  So, I added different time indexes to my planner, and found that it was a start.  Each has their strengths and weaknesses.

The Spiraldex was the first one I tried.  I like the spiral pattern (what can I say, I am a 1254bd6f6522e7fe938c7cba8c378f91sucker for Fibonacci Sequences).  It was very simplistic, and it allowed me to mark off times in colors to eyeball what my true schedule would be like with only a glance, rather than having to sift through what I had written down.  My classes are all given specific colors, every other thing is also giveunnamedn specific colors.  This is good if you have linear progressions during the day.

The Doubledex is good if you have multiple areas to look at during the day such as work and home—or if you have to keep track of a couple of people’s schedules.  It is good for the multitasker.  It basically is a two tiered wheel.  You can either use the twelve sections as a whole, or use them for A.M. and P.M. in each level.
The standard Chronodex tends to be used in a linear fashion.  It has 3d9a22fa02ad5411afa3493cc0e5b54bdifferent sections with different heights of varying importance.  Usually the inner circle takes the early morning sections.  Not many people are extremely active in the hours between five and eight in the morning.

Really, it all comes down to preference.  Some people like to have their days set out in an agenda layout.  I prefer to have my days in a more compact visualization of a time index.

If you like the look of my horizontal weekly planner, you can download it here.  Remember that this isn’t to be sold, or distributed without my permission.  If you wish to link your blog up to this particular piece of work, please link to this post.