Busy Summer

Hi guys!  Sorry I’ve been absent, I’ve taken on a bit of IT work for the summer as well as trying to get ahead for next semester (yay multivariable calculus and differential equations).  Yes, I’m that kind of nerd.  Between self-imposed studying and learning how to work MATLAB, I’ve been catching up on my favorite things that I had to forego at the end of the semester.

I found a few D&D podcasts that are AMAZING.  One I learned about because Aram Vartian was on DiceCameraAction as a guest NPC.  He made it out alive, and I was shocked.  Their track record holds that only three guests (maybe four if you count Mordenkainen the wizard) have managed to survive.  His podcast is called Godsfall:  Divine & Conquer.  It is this entire world that Aram created from scratch using D&D 5E rules.  This thing is so incredibly fleshed out.  He should be almost done editing his Worldbook for print.  Just listening to the history alone is proof that he is a bad ass worldbuilder.  If you decide to listen to this podcast, my favorite part is Turtlefest (it’s the best fest).  The other one I haven’t actually gotten completely around to, and that’s Dungeon Rats.  Both can be found on ITunes or really any podcast player.

I also have been catching up on some live stream D&D like DiceCameraAction with the Wafflecrew, Acq. Inc: The “C” Team, Critical Role, and High Rollers to name a few.  DCA and “C” Team are both streamed on Twitch.tv, and are amazing.  The Wafflecrew is DM’d by Chris Perkins on Tuesdays at 4:00 PST (7:00 EST).  Acq. Inc: The “C” Team is a spin from the original Acquisitions, Incorporated, DM’d by Jerry Holkins.  This franchise of the original Acquisitions, Inc. are a motley crew of amazing and funny people.  Sometimes even Patrick Rothfuss makes an appearance either via text, in the chat room, or in person.  The “C” Team isn’t always as fast paced as other D&D games and sometimes I think it is more fun when they decide to go off on weird tangents and something ends up going seriously pear shaped.  This show can be seen on Thursdays at 6:30 on Twitch.tv as well, but you can also catch it in podcast form.  It ends before Critical Role on the Geek & Sundry Twitch channel, DM’d by Matthew Mercer.  High Rollers is done on Sundays at 1:00 PM EST or I think 5:00 PM BST (they are broadcasting from the UK) and DM’d by Mark Hulmes in a custom sandbox D&D world.  All of these streams are amazing and there are SO MANY MORE I wish I could watch.  However, I’d NEVER get anything done.  All of these things can be caught on YouTube if you need to catch up on things missed (you can lose yourself for at least a month catching up to speed on every one of these shows).

So, what I have been doing recently in what bits of free time I have had while catching up on these things, is making a new 2017 planner to upload!  It is finally finished.  The Monday start planner goes from July 2017 to June 2018.  I have two types, so you can pick which you would prefer (chronodex aren’t for everyone).  One has just lines at the bottom of the page, for notes, meal tracking, steps, etc.  The other has a doubledex-type chronodex at the bottom.  Both come with a coral and grey color scheme.  It still has the vertical layout with similar measurements to EC and Happy Planners.  If you glam/scrap plan, you can easily fit printables into the planner pages.  Also, I have created 2 separate forwards:  one has contacts, year at a glance, and monthly goals, and the other has that PLUS assignm2017-18 Planner Coral-Greyent trackers, semester schedule, grade trackers and professor contacts.

I also have been working on a bullet journal.  It really has turned into more of an art planner than a real bujo.  However, it allows me to have more creative influence over the way my planner looks because I sometimes want to try new things.  I’m going to give it a go this fall and we’ll see how it works out.  I will keep you guys posted with photos on Instagram and on here so you can watch my frustrated journey through trying something brand new.  Some of it I’m creating a head of time because I know I won’t have time to dedicate to my bujo once the semester is in full swing.

As always, if you want to share my stuff, please link your friends to my page as opposed to just sending them the file.  Don’t try to pass my stuff off as your own.  Yadda yadda yadda.  You know the fine print drill.

Feel free to drop me a tweet or show me what you’ve done on Instagram by tagging me: @CoffeeConfessor.

Planner Forward (non-school)

Planner Forward for Students

Planner with DoubleDex

Planner without DoubleDex

Brace Yourselves, Finals are Coming!

Finals week is fast approaching.  My finals start the first week of May.  So now is the time when I create my study schedule.  I know everyone is barreling toward summer at supeLast Minute Study Schedule For Finalsrsonic speeds.  So when I create my schedule, I try to keep that in mind.  I block out my classes as they are scheduled
.  From there, I write in major projects and homework due in each class on each day.

My schedule is laid out so it shows EVERYTHING on a single page (from April 15 to May 4).  That way I can see it all without having to flip pages.  I always start by assessing my grades in each class, and whether or not it is of significant importance if I happen to slack on the c
lass a little.  You can make one on Excel or any spreadsheet program, but since I like a single page, and Excel refused to shrink everything to a single page, I just made a table in Word, and smashed it all in.  I also throw this thing into my Google Calendar, so my SectoGraph app will give me a clear view of my schedule for that day.

Since I have a paper due on the 19th and a quiz on the 18th and 20th as well as an exam on the 20th, I have to devote some serious time to those particular classes along with doing all of my other work.  If this paper weren’t such a huge chunk of my grade, I’d probably slack a little on it (to be honest, I did put it off to the last minute sort of).  I don’t recommend anyone putting off a huge paper until 4 days before it’s due.  However, this is how I work best.  It seems counterintuitive, but I have done all of my research and have notes and outlines that I’ve done.  I just haven’t actually drafted my paper yet.

As you can see in my schedule, I’ve blocked out times with breaks to work on my paper, and other things.  Having this type of schedule is handy.  It forces focus and if you stick to it, you should have plenty of time to study.

As you can also see, I have plenty of blank space in the evening to just decompress and vegetate in front of the television or computer.  My gym times aren’t on here, because I Finished Study Schedule for Finalswork out at an ungodly early 4:00 in the morning.  Some people study or listen to lectures when they are working out, I use it to get my pent up stress out and focus on other things that have nothing to do with school.

These are the three weeks where my diet goes more to hell than anything.  I try to keep fruits and veggies to snack on around, but I also tend to grab bags of Twizzlers and tootsie roll pops and go through them while I’m reading.

Anyway, I hope this has been helpful in getting you motivated to create your own finals study schedule!  Happy studying!

Planning for Next Semester

It’sPlanning Fall Semester 1 that time in the semester when all the projects are coming down to the wire, exams are constant and I want to tear my hair out.  So, why not think about fall semester classes on top of everything else?  Since I go to a satellite school, I have a very limited amount of classes I can take, and I sometimes have problems fitting exact classes in my schedule.  So, the first thing I do is meet with my advisors to make sure I’m taking the right classes.  Since my physics advisor is on sabbatical this year, I’ve been shuffled to another brilliant advisor,
Dr. Levine.  He’s currently researching dark matter.  He is Planning Fall Semester 2brilliant, and also very nice.  I had a conflict with my upcoming physics 3 class and my linear algebra class, and he was kind enough to move the physics class.  This is wPlanning Fall Semester 3here small universities can sometimes be more awesome than large ones.  We have tons of research opportunities at the university.  I met with my math advisor to ensure that I was on track with taking 3 math courses next semester:  Linear Algebra, Calculus 3, and Differential Equations.  (I love me some math.)  So, knowing that I needed these courses, I created a new time table that has fifteen minute steps and started it from 8 in the morning to 5 in the evening.  None of my classes will go past that this nePlanning Fall Semester 5xt semester.  My classes only run Monday-Thursday, but I keep Fridays in the layout because it helps me plan out library blocks.  This way, I can record the class and section number, the
professor, the room/building (if there is one), and time blocks.  This gives me a visual to look at so I can figure out where I will have study blocks and library time.  Three math and two physics classes are a heavy load to take, but I am happy with it as long as I have time to decompress and study between classes.  This semester, once my classes start, they are back to back, and I don’t get a chance to eat lunch or really do any processing of notes and lectures between classes.  It’s frustrating.  I have to remember things through four to five hours of classes.  I am happy next semester I will have more than 15 minutes to gather my brains together and prep for the next class (not to mention GRAB LUNCH).

The Student’s Guide to Illness Bargaining

So, my dear husband was so kind to bring me a gift of some sort of snot-dripping, fever-running, achy-swelly plague.  I tried to bargain with my body to not get sick until next weekend, or even hold off another week until spring break.  Unfortunately, that isn’t what happened.  So, antibiotics and codeine it is.

I know everyone bargains with their immune system not to get sick.  I am not unique.  However, I find that the bargaining of a college student is particularly amusing.  We are willing to risk total immune system failure in order to not  be sick and miss classes because exams are coming up.  When the bargaining stage fails, and illness sets in, denial starts happening.  Eventually, the body tells you to slow your role and you have been halted in your tracks.

Laying in bed with a tissue shoved up your nose in order to hold back the floods of mucus trying to make an escape, one starts to tick off how many participation points are being lost as classes are being missed, hoping someone will send you notes or let you know what is happening in classes.  Knowing I have two exams coming up next week, and homework that is due this weekend, I’m trying not to feel guilty about being sick.  However, this isn’t the greatest time for it.  I am not the only one.  I know this.  It isn’t just me.  Unfortunately, it IS me.  I was doing so well at not getting sick.  I didn’t get sick all last semester, and didn’t come down with anything over winter break.  Now, here we are, two weeks before spring break, and I am suffering from some god awful plague.  I am jealous that my husband managed to get over his man-baby flu in a couple of days.  I can only hope that this passes quickly, and I can get my homework done.

I will keep you updated on whether or not Physics, Calculus, and Codeine mix.  For now, I am going to slip into oblivion in the most non-graceful way possible, and hope I feel better in the morning.

I’m So BUSY!

Alright ladies and gentlemen.  I have been spinning my wheels with school and no time to update my page on the regular.  Whoever thought taking less credits would mean more work?  Holy cow!  I have papers, regular homework, presentations and so much math.  It seems as though this semester has been speeding along a lot faster than the rest my semesters.  I’m actually enjoying my classes, despite the intense workload.  It keeps my mind off of what is going on outside of academia.  I know everyone has different opinions.  However, as a believer in science, facts, and the system of checks and balances, these last few weeks haven’t been fun to watch.  As someone who has anxiety, not having consistency is a detriment to my mental health.  So my constants are the fifth floor left-most study room in the library, homework, and studying 10 hours a day on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  I know it sounds extreme, but I do what I can to achieve my goals and to keep my focus.  It also allows me to watch television during the week (by television I mean twitch.tv).  I have my favorite geek programs that make me happy, including Dice Camera Action, and Critical Role, and my favorite podcast StarTalk.  I finally finished up my Netflix binge of the Magicians and also Supernatural.  I keep thinking I will pick up an actual book, but I tend to do audio, because it allows me to do other things, like planning the week and whatever bits of homework I have straggling along.  I’ve managed to finish Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs.  It’s just the first book of the series, and I’m looking to grabbing the next one during Spring Break.  In the meantime I’m reading Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen (again).   It’s easy to pick up and read and drop it when I don’t have time.  Anyway, I’m sorry I haven’t come around here.  I will try to do better in the future.

New Year’s Thoughts…

So, I’ve been doing some thinking over this holiday about where I want to be in the future, and what I want my career to look like.  I look at the political climate, the rampant denial of empirical evidence and I worry about my future as, not only someone who believes in science, but as a woman in these male dominated fields.  I worry about little girls who want to be scientists, but are told that it’s for boys.  I worry about the smart girl in class who is told by her friends that she won’t ever get a boyfriend if she is interested in math.  I worry about the little boy who likes to dance, or likes to put on puppet shows.  I worry about all children who might be afraid to express themselves because of what others may think of them.  I hope that any of my readers who have children, encourage them to follow facts to wherever they end.  Encourage them to be artists, musicians, scientists, astronauts, journalists—just encourage them to be true to themselves, no matter what oppositions they may face.

I worry about the damage the incoming administration is poised to impact education, science, and the environment.  We live in a world where the vocal minority seems to be so wrapped up in their bubbles that facts don’t matter.  Reality is skewed for them.  We have an entire legislative branch that now is going to lean a single direction.  The oppositions don’t exist.  Checks and balances won’t exist.  I can hope that my fears won’t come to fruition, but I am more realistic about the situation as a whole.

So, this new year, 2017, I wish for peace, understanding, and the ability to stand up for the little guy when he/she is being threatened or told that they are to conform or be punished.  Teach your kids to be curious, to read banned books, to question the status quo.  This is the only way that a society can progress.  Do not stifle someone else’s light just because it shines a little differently than yours.

Merry End of Semester!

whole-planner-1I am finally done with the semester!  Sorry I keep neglecting everyone.  I’ve had my nose in the books for the last three weeks.  I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season.  I’ve been decompressing from academics by creating things for next semester.  Since it is so close to Christmas, I have created a new 2017 planner with matching note paper!!  As usual this particular one is geared toward students, just because I am a student.  I don’t make things I won’t use.  I am really excited about this particular one because it is a neutral color with gold and black!  I hope you all enjoy it!matching-note-paper-1



Neutral 2017 Planner

Matching Note Paper

End of Semester Crazy!

It’s the end of the semester—one week until finals.  I’ve been SO busy, and I’m sorry that I’ve been neglecting everyone.  I haven’t had time to even sleep, let alone make anything cool.  I really do apologize.  I plan on creating a new master list for classes as well as a few other things, in order to create other supplements that go with the new 2017 planners I’ve created.  I’ll keep everyone in the loop once school is out.  I’ll have 3 weeks of insane productivity when it comes to planner stuff, then back to school.  I will try to be more steady with updates on my blog.  Thanks for bearing with me!  In the mean time, here’s a picture of my girls!three-girlies

I Made a Thing!

Sorry everyone for the lack of posts.  I have been so busy with school!!  It’s 5 weeks until the end of the semester.  Between exams, homework, papers, etc. there has been little time for me to write anything.  My time is spent doing calculus and physics.  I don’t like to leave you all hanging!!  I do think about you guys.  Even when I don’t post.  I always feel bad.

tions are over.  If you are upset, I understand.  If you are scared, I understand.  If you need someone to talk to, I’m around.  Feel free to drop me a comment or a tweet.

So, what I have been doing recently in what bits of free time I have had, is making a new 2017 planner to upload!  It is finally finished.  If you want a different color, let me know so I can add them.  These planners are full 12 month, Monday start planners with SpiralDex at the bottom instead of my regular Chronodex.  The vertical two page-per-week layouts have boxes that are similar to the size of Erin Chondren Planners.  So, if you glam/scrap plan, you can find stuff that fits. new-2017-vertical-calendar

Aqua Planner 2017

Blue Planner 2017

Grey Planner 2017

Purple Planner 2017

Sage Planner 2017

Sand Planner 2017

I also have managed to finally get a bubble map template created so if anyone has professors that jump around from topic to topic, it can be a great hbubble-note-pictureelp.  It is only bubbles, you connect lines yourself, so you can have as many or as few tangents as you want.

Bubble Map Notes

As always, if you want to share my stuff, please link your friends to my page as opposed to just sending them the file.  Don’t try to pass my stuff off as your own.  Yadda yadda yadda.  You know the fine print drill.

Feel free to drop me a tweet or show me what you’ve done on Instagram by tagging me @CoffeeConfessor.

Just think about it…

Unless you have been living in an underground bunker with no access to any media of any kind, I’m sure you all have been unable to escape the coverage of this dumpster fire of an election season.  Living in this country, believing in the democratic process, I’ve found things in this go around to be more terrifying than any other time I’ve ever voted.  I am usually what is considered a middle of the road type person.  I believe that people should work together to create a discourse that ensures growth and prosperity as a whole for the nation.  It seems like a pipe dream.  We have a man in the election, who has managed to whip up a furor against people of color, women, and anyone who isn’t a white American male.  I’ve followed this man closely.  Waiting for people to wake up and say, “What is going on with this lunatic?”  At first, I, like others, felt that this man obviously couldn’t make it past the primaries because he has no substance, and not a single policy platform to stand on.  I watched as his competition slowly cowed to his overbearing and narcissistic ways.  I have been in disbelief that this man, who could be our next president, is willing to whip up mobs into insane frenzies and tell them that people of color are just poor criminals, that Muslims are all terrorists and should be put into camps, that women are willing to be sexually assaulted because he was “rich and famous.”  This man could be our next president.  I look at people defending what he has recently said as “locker room talk.”  I see this, and I’m disgusted that I have to live in an age where emotion overrides reason.  Where logic and facts are thrown out the window.  This is what we have created in a society of consumerism, reality television, and corporate media.  I watch as the Republicans disavow what he has said, but they do not take action to ensure that the man cannot post a person to the Supreme Court.  They don’t walk away from him.  It is like they see that this man is toxic, but they want votes, so instead of doing what is right for the country, they are willing to follow this man to their own party’s implosion.  I see people being divided.  I see people who live their lives terrified of everything—so much so, that they are willing to ignore the warning signs of someone who is basically following in the footsteps of Hitler.  Anyone who has ever learned about or watched a dictator take power in a democratic country knows that this is the way it is done.  To hear recent quotes from his supporters saying that they will be at the polls to ensure “democracy” works, or that anyone who isn’t a white person is too intimidated to vote—it is mind boggling.  People are angry, I get that.  I am angry too.  However, I don’t let that drive me to do something that would be a detriment for my country.  I’m hoping there are people out there, like me, willing to stand with people who are being intimidated out of voting.  We need to protect the right for ALL United States citizens to do their civic duty and vote.  We don’t like our kids being bullied, but we like to bully other people.  Nothing can be resolved unless an emotionless and civil discourse can be achieved.  I don’t fault people for being upset at the establishment.  It’s corrupt—I’m not stupid.  However, the answer isn’t to put a lunatic and his band of idiots into the White House.  You may think that my opinion is stupid and I may not agree with every single one of your views either—but this is AMERICA.  We are a nation of immigrants who managed to work together to create a pretty awesome place.  We are a place people want to immigrate to.  This is a good thing.  You may hate people who don’t speak the same language as you, have a different culture, look different.  I hate boiled Brussel sprouts and writing term papers.  You have a right to your opinion.  What you do not have, is the right to silence someone else’s opinion because they don’t agree with you.  Sometimes, you have to deal with things you don’t like in order to further advance our society.  Our nation is burning because we refuse to look at things as a whole.  We are blinded by corporate media, television, and modern technology—the bright shiny lights.  We have forgotten to be good neighbors—whether or not we get along with the person next door.  I’m not calling for a drum circle and a rendition of kumbaya.  I’m calling on us to remember what makes America great—the diversity, the innovation, the drive to better ourselves as a nation.  The plaque on the Statue of Liberty doesn’t say “Give me the white native English speaking middle class people.”  It reads:


New Colossus

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

                                                                 Emma Lazarus